Dr. Erdman has been married for many years and he and his wife have two children - - a girl and a boy.  Dr. Erdman enjoys bicycling, fishing and is an active volunteer in his Church.   

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Dr. Erdman has one simple life philosophy: treat everyone and your patients as you would like to be treated. At the end of the day, we want our patients to walk away happy and confident with a beautiful, healthy smile.

PERIODONTIST. specalizing in extractions and implants

Dr. David J. Erdman, D.D.S. is a 1988 graduate of Eastman Dental Center in Rochester N.Y. where he successfully completed a residency in Periodontics.  Being a native son of Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Erdman has been practicing in Florida ever since.  Eastman Dental Center is one of the worlds leading periodontal research institutions,  and was one of the few Branemark  dental implant training and research centers in the United States during the 1980’s.  This strong research background is the basis for Dr. Erdman’s  practice philosophy: scientifically tested and proven treatment for both periodontics and placement of implants.  Dr. Erdman was one of the first to use selective cell repopulation to regenerate the periodontium (bone, periodontal ligament, and root surface) to treat periodontal defects,  as a demonstration of his commitment to excellence.   Dr. Erdman was a pioneer in the field of regenerating bone and tissue through autogenous and biotechnology-engineered growth factors. Dr. Erdman has utilized  platelet-derived growth factor which is used to rebuild bone damaged by periodontal disease for over 25 years, long before it became in vogue.  Always striving to improve patient health and ease of treatment, Dr Erdman utilizes bone morphogenic proteins for jaw reconstruction prior to implant placement.